Synesthetic Octet – In the meanwhile shoot me a Movie

JWR 01/17

1. Phyllotaxis
2. Abyss I
3. Systematic Masturbation
4. Mark der Engländer
5. Pickedem
6. Abyss II
7. Holly B
8. Tape
9. And Then

Vincent Pongrácz – clarinet, composition
Doris Nicoletti – flute
Clemens Salesny – bass clarinet, stritch and alto saxophone (except "Mark der Engländer")
Astrid Wiesinger - alto saxophone (on "Mark der Engländer")
Richard Köster – trumpet
Alois Eberl – trombone
Peter Rom – guitar
Manuel Mayr – e-bass and double bass
Lukas König – drums
Renee Benson - vocals (on "And Then")
August Baron - vocals (on "Pickedem")

Artwork - Vincent Pongracz
Mixing and mastering - Martin Ruch

"Phyllotaxis" and "And Then" recorded by David Furrer at Audio.Manufaktur, "Abyss I", "Systematic Masturbation" (guitar, bass, horns), "Abyss II", "Pickedem" recorded by Robert Pavlecka and Lukas Linschinger at Radiokulturhaus Wien, "Systematic Masturbation" (only drums), "Mark der Engländer", "Holly B" recorded by Manu Mayr and Lukas König at KMPW Studios (drums and bass) and by Florian Jauker at Audio.Manufaktur (horns and guitar), "Tape" recorded by Vincent Pongrácz at Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, lyrics "Pickedem" at RMC, Copenhagen, lyrics "And Then" recorded at The Ellis Marsalis Center For Music, New Orleans.