Synesthetic 4

The quartet Synesthetic 4 values dynamic precision with an inimitable narrative touch. Its repertoire ranges from melodious to manic and includes a wide variety of off-color tonal shades. The driving force behind this formation is renowned clarinetist Vincent Pongracz, who has been blending jazz and hip-hop with the Synesthetic Octet for many years, employing the tropes of New Music and Dadaist zaniness. Largely foregoing musical ornamentation, Synesthetic 4 is far less eclectic in its approach than the octet. Audiences are in for a compelling experience where musical reduction is amped up to the max.

“…Fresh and new compositions of Vincent Pongracz with adorable melodies, remarkable references and grooves, create a cinema for the mind. Like Magic it paints a smile into the faces of the audience. It´s fun to watch these four musicians perform.” (Austrian Sounds)

Synesthetic 4 consists of Vincent Pongracz (clarinet), Peter Rom (guitar), Manu Mayr (bass) and Andreas Lettner (drums).