Rom Schaerer Eberle – At The Age Of Six I Wanted To Be A Cook

HiRes PhotoUTR/JWR 4567 / WR 13 

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1. A Trois (Rom)
2. Cooking The Books (Rom)
3. Royal Family (Rom)
4. Unloose Hit (Schaerer)
5. Headline (Rom)
6. Triple Prism (Schaerer)
7. At the Age of Seven I wanted to be Napoleon (Eberle)
8. Ever Since (Rom)
9. Flatter (Schaerer)
10. Laster (Schaerer)
11. Lou (Schaerer)

Andreas Schaerer – Voice, Human Beatbox, Jew’s Harp
Martin Eberle – Trumpet, Slide Trumpet, Fluegelhorn
Peter Rom – Guitar

Recorded March 25 – 27, 2013 at RecPublica Studios, Lubrza, Pl
Recorded by Werner Angerer
Mixed and Mastered by Martin Ruch at Weltschall Studios B, Berlin, D
Artwork by Artur Bodenstein
Co-Production of Werkstatt Records und JazzWerkstatt Records